What is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

lifestyle entrepreneur
For many years, being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur was seen as 2nd best by the macho startup community. Today thanks to the growth of lean thinking, radical business models and the internet, we are witnessing an emergence of a 2nd generation of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who are making very good money doing what they love. Not only are they in control of their business and their work, they have time to do more of what makes them happy – whether that’s time with family, time to travel the world or time to do something crazy, like an Ironman triathlon. Here’s why I believe being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur is the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to bring back more time, freedom and creativity into their life:

The SECRET of happiness? Do more of what makes you happy

the secret of happiness

Success for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs is measured by the extent to which we can build our businesses around a lifestyle that enables us to do more of that.

Success: it’s all down to how far you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone

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Rather than keep doing what’s comfortable, successful entrepreneurs are able step outside their comfort zone and focus on the activities that get customers.

What lies between you and doing something epic in your life is FEAR

Rather than try crush fear, get comfortable with it. Like a powerful wave, fear can be a force that takes you far, if you learn how ride it.

Protect your time like your life depended on it

time management

It’s better to gain a reputation for saying “no” being difficult than it is for saying “yes” to every opportunity and being a flaker.